How To Paint Early Imperial Roman Legionaries – Warlord Games Hail Caesar Tutorial

In this tutorial I show you how to paint Warlord Games Early Imperial Roman Legionaries using the Army Painter range of paints. These figures are available free with the August print edition of Wargames Illustrated magazine

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Equipment Used –
Canon EOS M100 –
Sony ICD-PX240 –
Blue Yeti Microphone –

Painting Equipment Used –
Iwata C-Plus Airbrush –
Smart Jet Pro Compressor –
Windsor Newton Series 7 Size 0 –
Windsor Newton Series 7 Size 1 –
Vallejo Black Primer –
Masters Brush Cleaner –
Studio XL Everlasting Palette:

Army Painter Paints Used:
Gun Metal
Greedy Gold
Dragon Red
Kobold Skin
Dirt Spatter
Strong Tone
Dark Tone
Flesh Tone
Plate Mail Metal
Pure Red
Corpse Pale
Fur Brown


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28 thoughts on “How To Paint Early Imperial Roman Legionaries – Warlord Games Hail Caesar Tutorial”

  1. Very good work, beautifully simple explained! i like your videos, they are always very inspiring for me. I have already painted a lot of Miniatures after your videos! Top

  2. Your painting tutorials are simply great! Easy to follow, without thousand type of paints and great effect! Thanks

  3. I believe at this rate Warlord Games should hire ya (or sponsor) for your tutorial videos because they're that good

  4. A fine, concise tutorial. I don't think I will play SPQR but I am interested in Hail Caesar. I also noticed that you haven't mentioned Konflikt '47 in a while. I was curious if you still played because I just ordered a pile of Russians and will be going back to your painting videos to get them ready. Who can resist werebears and genetically enhanced patriotic women?

  5. I am so glad I found this channel. You explain everything so clearly and that is exactly what I need to improve my painting. Far too many painting channels would say something like "thin your wash" and then jump straight to the finished wash rather than showing the steps to get there. Please continue with this format, it is perfect.

  6. Love it vids dude but would you ever do a painting tutorial for the black powder Napoleonic French head of column

  7. Nice work Pete! I can't remember – have you tried Nuln Oil Gloss for armor? Just wondering how Army Painter Dark Tone compares to it


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