How to make Rice Wine

Ingredients: Rice, Chinese yeast balls, water, sugar (optional).
This video shows three variations of non-distilled Chinese rice wine.

Follow the description in the video.
I’ll try to answer any questions, eventually.
This stuff is really strong so be careful.

I almost didn’t upload this video, but it’s been a long time since we have put one out, so what the hey.

This video has taken about 40 hours to upload because of the Goldcoast’s shitty internet.

Trying to get an Asian woman video or two out next week, we are very pressed for time these days, and this place isn’t good for filming, very noisy, etc. We hope so, no promises.

Thanks for watching.


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21 thoughts on “How to make Rice Wine”

  1. You break my heart… So many drops… It's sake rain, you barbarian!!! 😄 🤣 Thx for recipe. 🙂 😉 LIKE!

  2. I guess we can be good friends.. I'm starting now with my 1st rice wine (in thai "sato") using italian rice and thai yeast. We will see..

  3. I have a question. Do you have to store the finished product in bottles that you can close tightly, like beer bottles or wine bottles that can be sealed, or can I also put it in a glass bottle with a cap (that comes off easily)?

  4. You trying to cut back I can see why 🤪 ☣ you like dropping stuff. stop before you drop your self😂😂😂😂 looooool top vid tho✊😏🤜🇿🇦 I must try this out🧐

  5. brett im losing sleep over something
    when i make bread without sugar the dough still rise so that tells me yeast can break the starch into alcohol and co2
    but with rice wine people always use nuruk or chinese yeast balls that have mold with enzymes to break the starch
    and i want to make rice wine with only yeast, i figured you might know the answer
    is that possible or not?


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