How To Make a pair of USB over Ethernet adaptors | Ethernet Extension Cable

This is a DIY video on making a pair of USB to Ethernet adapters. One adapter will convert a USB 2.0 connection to an Ethernet connection and the other will convert from Ethernet connection to USB 2.0 connection.

With these adapters you will be able to connect an extension cable between them (in the form of an Ethernet Cable). This will allow you to operate your low powered USB 2.0 devices (mouse, keyboard, dongles) over a longer range.

These adapters will only operate in pairs and are not intended for connecting ethernet devices to USB ports. Doing so may damage your device and/or USB port. Also these will not work over POE devices.

The maximum length of extension is limited by the power required by the USB 2.0 device. It is therefore recommended to use these adaptors with mice, keyboards, dongles and charge cables.

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30 thoughts on “How To Make a pair of USB over Ethernet adaptors | Ethernet Extension Cable”

  1. sera consegue fabricar um cabo satae psa na porta de usb mais caseiro nao de fabrica

  2. you have no clue what you are showing 😀
    this is for using ethernet cable as an extension, zero electronics inside, doesnt make LAN connection

  3. can I use this to connect my Nintendo switch to my internet as I do not want to pay for a USB to Ethernet adapter

  4. Hearing you smack your tongue every time you opened your mouth was driving me insane dude. So annoying. But thank you for the video it helped a lot

  5. Alguien que hable español? Y me confirme si es una buena idea para hacerlo en una laptop que no cuenta con una entrada de Ethernet

  6. This can't be plugged into a network right? I am assuming that it would not work that way since this appears to be only extending a USB cable. If this is not usable on a network connection, it may be a good idea to mark the cable ends or even use a different color cable for that. I will look and see if I can find 4 wire twisted pair cable. I don't know how much the stuff costs but I am sure it exists. I will do a search and see what I find. It would most likely be a specialty cable.

  7. i want to create a router from my old smart phone hotspot module ..

    input = rj45

    output = hotspot

    what is requirement for that and how to create that…

    help me to create that

  8. If I were to create this cable. Ethernet on one end and female usb on the other end. could I plug a USB wifi adapter to it and have it working? If it would work, what wiring diagram should I follow?

  9. Thank you for this video! I do have a question though. If I were to plug the ethernet cable adapter into one power line network box, then the other ethernet adapter into the other power line network box, would I be able to communicate a usb device through my power outlets? For example, a printer, into the adapter through the power line network boxes, into the other adapter, then to my computer. I guess what I need to figure out is if those power line network boxes output data the same way it receives it….

  10. can I plug in the male Ethernet and female usb to the Ethernet port and plug in my USB devices to the end of the female usb?

    I need to know because my USB ports are dead and am thinking of doing this but don't know if it would work.

  11. Thank you very much my dear brother
    You can give me a photo planner to deliver the USB to the internet port to apply it because it is not clear to me


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