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27 thoughts on “How to Download Revit 2021 For FREE!”

  1. Misleading title…. free full version?, revit LT 2021, is a complete waste of time , very glitchy, no in built rendering just poor cloud rendering. Limited material library that doesn’t always render.

  2. Dude, first of all Congratulations, your teaching is great and your classes have already helped me a lot to get to know Revit better.

    Can you help me? I would like to know how much an intermediate to advanced Revit designer earns in an Architecture office?

  3. When I try to download the Revit 2021 it says: " installation completed. Some failed to install" and it shows that nothing is installed.. please help!!!

  4. Hi. Im totally new to revit and i have only used it for a few projects. I have found this to be extremely confusing at times but great at other times, your videos are of a great help to me. i have a few questions i was hoping you could clear up for me in your videos. in one of my projects i have a topo surface created which i wish to edit. How ever when i edit the surface height it turns jet black and looks stupid. I have tried to find settings to adjust this but cannot figure out why it is doing this. it would be great if you could help me with this and do a video on the subject for others as there are none dealing with this problem. Also i had a curved surface on a curtain wall window with a concrete window head above. I wanted to shape the head of the curtain wall and found it extremely difficult to do this or find a video showing how to do this. it would be great if you could do a video on that also

  5. Hey Balkan I have problems regarding downloaded families, the colors don't show up when it's loaded to my projects. Pls halp :'(

  6. Bonjour, si je m'abonne a vos " my revit project files" vos fichiers sont fait sur quel version de revit moi j'utilise revit 2017.
    dans l'attente de votre réponse.

  7. Hi balkan. can i ask about curtain wall ? how to add a Spandrel panel to cover up the inside of ceiling? which facing to curtain wall ?

  8. I think if you do a tutorial on how to uninstall Revit it will be useful as well
    Thank you very much Balkan architect you don't know how much you helped me learning this software.

  9. The question is does Autodesk add a stamp saying AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL like they do on autocad?? In the former versions of autocad we could remove this stamp but now no more

  10. Also, I can’t find additional furniture such as tables and chairs when I upload the extra materials. I can’t find the “metric or imperial” additional furniture in 2021. How can I solve that too?

  11. I downloaded the student version and am a student myself too. However, when I proceed to the activating stage, it says “there’s an error…..”. How can I solve that ?

  12. hi bro .. thanks for your effort but i'd like to ask you regarding this message " something is preventing the software from launching Revit 2021 " please your advice! regards ..

  13. I'm sorry but… Are You an architect or a student? Why using a student license?
    Anyway… may the x-force be with You

  14. Slightly misleading title here… should add 'for students' to be honest. Many people here looking for free Revit are not students (and are probably trying to find pirate builds).

    It's importanr to also note that if you use student Revit for commercial work (and Autodesk catches you – possible) you are likely going to land in hot water. I know many people who have done this, it isn't worth the risk.

    Revit LT is probably the best (legal) avenue for non students these days looking for a cheap option. If you can't make your money back on it, probably something wrong with the business….!

  15. Keep up the good work. Please share link for Naviate Rebar Extension for revit 2021. Please make a video on useful revit plugins or addins


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