How To Download & Install RLCraft

If you want to know how to download and install RLCraft in Minecraft, this is the video for you! We show you exactly how you can get the RLCraft modpack, so you can start enjoying all that RLCraft has to offer. What is RLCraft? Well, it is a realism-based modpack with an extremely challenging twist. It is one of the hardest modpacks currently for Minecraft, so let’s go ahead learn exactly how to install the RLCraft modpack in Minecraft!

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About this video: In this video, we show you exactly how to download and install the RLCraft in Minecraft. We literally go over every single step giving you a step-by-step guide on setting up RLCraft in Minecraft. From where to download RLCraft from to how to install RLCraft using the Twitch app, it is all covered in-depth in this video.

What is RLCraft? Well, RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism. It enhances Minecraft when it comes to pure survival, adventuring and RPG, and immersion. It has hand-selected mods that have been individually tweaked to fit the exact play-style the mod pack creator was looking for. It also has custom scripts in order to change various to vanilla behaviors. So, without any further delay, here is exactly how to download and install RLCraft in Minecraft!

The first step in installing this modpack is downloading RLCraft. You can find the official RLCraft download link in the description above. Specifically, you will find a link to our tutorial on installing the Twitch App. The Twitch App is required in order to install RLCraft. Once you are there, just click the yellow ‘Download Twitch’ button. This will take you to Twitch’s website where you can click the ‘Download for Windows’ button. The Twitch app will then begin downloading.

After that, Twitch will start downloading. Once it has downloaded, double-click on the Twitch setup file you downloaded. This will start the Twitch setup process. Just click ‘Install’ and go through the install process. The Twitch App will open, and then, sign into your Twitch account.

Now, it is time to install RLCraft. You can do this by clicking on the ‘mods’ tab. Next, click on ‘Minecraft’. After that, click on ‘Browse All Modpacks’. You will next see a ‘search’ option. Click that, and search for ‘RLCraft’. You will then see the RLCraft mod pack. Hover over it, and click on the purple ‘Install’ button. RLCraft will then begin downloading and installing for Minecraft.

Once RLCraft has finished installing, hover over it again, and click on the purple ‘Play’ button. Minecraft will then open up. You need to sign into the Minecraft Launcher. This is the same login info that you use in the default Minecraft Launcher. This is because it is the default Minecraft Launcher. After you login, you should see ‘RLCraft’ to the bottom left of the play button. If you do, go ahead and click ‘Play’. If you don’t, close the Minecraft launcher and click ‘Play’ in the Twitch App.

At this point, RLCraft will start opening up in Minecraft 1.14.4. Congratulations! If you have any questions about how to download and install RLCraft in Minecraft, please let us know in the comment section down below. We will try our best to help you setup RLCraft. If we did help you get RLCraft in Minecraft, please be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps me out, and it means a ton to me. Thank you very, very much in advance. Enjoy the RLCraft modpack!

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  2. i bought the official game but my friend is using T launcher. Can he join the server that i created from apex hosting?

  3. This modpack requires a dependency that is missing or no longer available. Missing Addon ID: 229002 I get that plz do you know how to fix

  4. Mine doesn’t say mods in the top left and when I press on more it isn’t there either


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