How to Download and Install Revit 2020 for Free

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44 thoughts on “How to Download and Install Revit 2020 for Free”

  1. I am using student version free trial.
    1 month has crossed but they haven't shown any messages to uninstall or so. Will they ask me to pay later or will it remain free for a year?

  2. You can not install Revit 2020 for free if you do not show the name of the college where you are studying. So, if you learn Revit for yourself you can not get this version. Is it true?

  3. My wife just tried this and it threw up about a million walls to verify student status, including asking where a student (she put old college in), then asking to one time sign on through that college page, upload verifying document, etc.

    So this is a load of bullshit.

  4. I downloaded Revit 2020 from Autodesk, but found some eror 1603 while installation. Please guide me how to fix that eror?

  5. On the student version page the 2020 version does not appear, just the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 versions :c

  6. Hey Balkan, I got a prob. i cant seem to find the revit.exe file and when i want to uninstall et redownload, it says that i already have revit on my hardware…

  7. Thank you, I feel back in the game ! I want to practice revit during my parental leave, 1-2 months before returning to work.

  8. Hi ,when I do Google – revit free student download.
    It keeps telling me that an Email with license details will be sent….

    Then when I installed it and then open it up..
    It's telling me that my 30 days have expired

  9. If the student version only has a license for 3 years but they release a new version every year couldn't you just keep using it by upgrading to the new version each year and get a new 3 year license each time?

  10. Hi BA nice posts those you are shearing. I have an issue in student version facing error when save a file. Give me suggestions on it

  11. Hi Balkan, Please do a comprehensive guide about railing on stair, as they often seems to glitch around the corner, not sure how to deal with them. Thank you.

  12. I have an issue while painting the walls or any thing … whenever i try to use paint tool i see only a few color like blue green yellow and a few more … the thing is that i want to and a variety of color that does not apear in paint tool … so sir kindely suggest me a solution

  13. Thank you, Balkan Architect. I want to learn Revit but I am not a student ( Not going to UNi or school ) is it possible to have the student version of the software in my personal computer as I want to learn the Revit software. Thank you again

  14. Thanks millions for all your rivet tutorials. They have been very helpful and very easy to follow !!!! Rahman Rahmani


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