How Good is the Citi Rewards+?

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The Citi Rewards Plus Card

The Citi Double Cash


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31 thoughts on “How Good is the Citi Rewards+?”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! If you know of any credit cards with more bizarre benefits than the Rewards+, let me know in a comment down below and we should take a closer look at it.

  2. What if I have a citi double back card for 2 months & apply for this card like next two months will it be a bad move ?

  3. Hi dear, just found you today. I have a question..back in 2002-2005 I worked for Sears then Citibank purchased Sears. I was a call center cust svc rep. for Citibank. When first hired at Sears call center, I had to give fingerprints, no big deal. Once Citibank purchased Sears they built a huge new building & since I live in a State that hardly paid us minimum, so much of their operations were xferred to our new location. Now, here's the kicker! In order to get into new building, our badges were no longer used to verify ourselves, instead, we were REQUIRED to give retinal scans of both eyes, if we didn't, we would no longer have a job. So, I had to do it. Once I quit, I was ok with the FBI or whomever they sent the fingerprints to for life, but I'm still very uncomfortable about them having my retinol scans on file God knows where! Now, I do understand eye doctors are using scans as well, I don't like that but, what can you do? So, I called Citi Corp, tried to talk to someone several times asking them how I can have those scans deleted. As you can imagine, no anwers, no call backs,nothing. I'm not a paranoid person but I do not feel it's fair for them to keep our info., nor will they tell me where & who still has them. Please delete or hide this Jake, when I typed a search regarding this your site came up..sorry about unloading this on you but am still looking for answers. I'm not a criminal, just would like to know where they are? Your site is very informative, I'm just grateful to not work there any longer for they treated us like slave labor–just horrible–if we didn't offer Rewards or up to 3 other programs that came up on the acct-we'd get a zero for that call..3 calls with a zero got you fired–FACTS! Luckily, I followed all the rules–was never fired but would never ever work for another call center again. Please feel free to delete, just again looking for answers! Take care & Stay well!!!!

  4. I keep looking at this card because I buy lunch at work and A snack at my other job I go through about 3 transactions five days a week all adding up to about five dollars

  5. I have few strange cards in mind on which i think you may wanna look into and so do one separate videos for PNC CASH REWARDS, HSBC Cash Rewards Mastercard and Discover Business

  6. Great video love the breakdown on the points well detailed! I also see AMEX partnered up with credit One for an AMEX card.

  7. Citi now introducing…the candy bar credit card!

    Thanks for the math on this one. It is an interesting card indeed.

  8. Please do a review of the Alliant cash back visa signature card. It pays 2.5% back and looks great for large spenders. I don’t hear about it much, I guess because maybe they don’t pay large referral bonuses.

  9. Seems like a neat card, but the complexity of the point structure is difficult of maximize. If you make only $1 purchases then your golden, but I’m sure most people won’t have that type of charge on their card often.

  10. Jake what's up? i have the Citi simplicity credit card from 01/01/2014 credit limit $21,500 and citi send me a request to switch to Citi Rewards+, what you Think about this i have until march to cancel offer

  11. Great video! I didnt have any knowledge of this card before. Quick question (feel free not to answer if you dont want it public) – If you don't mind sharing, what is your average engagement time (% of video watched), and how do you recommend increasing that time?

  12. I have a $500 doctor bill. I use the Citi Rewards card to pay $1.00 per day towards that bill. Keeps it out of collections and gets me a 10x multiplier with each $1 payment.
    Just about everyone has a doctor bill.

  13. Great video. So could I downgrade my Citi premier card to this to protect my points that i stashed up on my premier, and then when i want to use them for transfer partners, upgrade back to the premier and combine all those points?

  14. Does anybody know when the 10% rebate would actually show up after a redemption? I did a redemption shortly after converting an old Citi TY Preferred card to the R+ and linked to Citi Premier, but before I got the actual R+ card to activate. No redemption rebate yet and statement has already posted from that period (early 1/2020) . maybe it was just too soon. Much appreciated!

  15. I just got Affinity Credit union Cash Rewards card. It a visa signature that gets unlimited 7% back on restaurants this Q, unlimited 7% back on gas next Q and 10% off on products sold by in the 4th q of 2020. It has no AF.


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