Hail Caesar! Why Choose the Republican Romans?

Hello everyone! Dustin goes over the reasons why he thinks fielding the Republican Roman army in the game Hail Caesar! is a good idea when considering time and money!

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17 thoughts on “Hail Caesar! Why Choose the Republican Romans?”

  1. Where did you found the army list for the republican? I’m gonna start hail caesar and want to know what to buy

  2. Well, I'm doing a diorama on the Roman Civil War, more properly Ceasar vs. Pompey, but I do not know how to dye the legions of both, what are the differences in uniforms to separate from each other?

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. Very helpful, I will build a Republican Roman army with 15mm miniatures and a Samnite army with a 80mm frontage.

  4. The sheer variety of foes during the Republican period as well are another inducement.. Rome conquered the whole Mediterranean while they were a Republic, so you can field them against pretty much everyone.. Parthians, Hellenistic Greek city states including Macedon, Carthaginians, Iberians, Celts.. even Gauls…

  5. I was looking at the Aventine miniature line and they had an army deal of 16 hastati, 16 principes, 16 velites and 8 triarii for
    FOG standard. What is FOG? Would this be a good Divison in Hail Ceasar if made into units of 8?

  6. Hi Dustin.
    Have you actually fought a battle with multiple small units? From experience small units don't last very well, especially as these Roman units seem to be rather expensive points wise, it is not like you will have loads of them to ware the opponent down.

  7. Seems like you would need skirmishers to harass the enemy until you have your Infantry in place, a few units of those looks more fun to pain and base then the hundreds upon hundreds of 15mm Romans I painted up back in the day , thanks for explaining the game and some units, I like Historical always have , even played the Avalon Hill games is where I got my start ..


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