Hail Caesar! Walkthrough Part 1 Basics and The Army

Hello everyone.
Hail Caesar is my favorite tabletop war game, and I have decided to embark on a series covering the entire rule book.
In this video we look at the first part of a series I’d like to do, involving covering all the basics in Hail Caesar.
Many people have asked me through emails, facebook, and other forums to do some walkthrough and explanations of the various points of games to cover questions and rules that often come up – so I’ve decided to follow through the book and try to explain everything as clearly and straight forward as it comes.
Please let me know what you think or if you notice any errors or mistakes that arise! Thank you! I will address them in part 2!

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19 thoughts on “Hail Caesar! Walkthrough Part 1 Basics and The Army”

  1. Hi, I am coming from Warhammer, which tends to put lots of restrictions on what can and cannot be fielded in an army, and what faction combinations are illegal due to pretty much the lore alone, and I had a question regarding army combinations. I currently have an infantry of 88 Spartan Hoplites and 10 Helot Javelin skirmishers, and I was wondering if i could expand my skirmisher division with some Thracian Peltasts. Am I allowed to have a division that contains both Spartan Helot Skirmishers and Thracian peltasts, or am I not allowed to mix them? I figured because they are to be based individually rather than in phalanx formation like the rest of my hoplites that it would work.

  2. Using MDF bases glue figures on with UHU glue the benefits are if you want to change a figure already glued get a single edge razor blade and you can slide the blade under the base of the figure to release it .Take care to keep the fingers out of the way the blades will give a deep cut requiring stitches as I found out .On releasing figures a small thin skin of MDF will be removed but can be skimmed off the figures base .

  3. Thanks for the walkthrough. Maybe an odd question: is it strange to you that the base sizes are recommended in mm, but battle measuring is done in inches?

  4. Just to clarify: morale save primarily represents the units discipline and cohesion, not armour. Plenty of relatively lightly-armoured troops (Macedonian phalangites, Celtic Gaestatae) can have high morale saves

  5. love the video a real help for me who has colleted for a while but never gamed hope to see a lot more hail ceaser content. maybe suppliment books.

  6. Please continue this serious! I am conflicted between Hail Caesar or War and Conquest rules. There’s very little material on both of these game systems and I would love to see a break down of at least one before I drop $40

  7. Nice looking figures there. Have you tried a game with small units v standard units yet? I have looked at the Republican Roman list and I am not sure that it would hold the line even with the rule about ignoring Hastati loses. I keep thinking that unless you can hit with two small units they won't survive contact against most standard units?


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