Hail Caesar Vlog #2 – First Cohort Assembled, and a Review of Shogun Miniatures Bases and Trays

In my second vlog entry–where I admittedly didn’t get as much done as I’d like–I talk about the quality and assembly of early Imperial Roman legionaries from Warlord Games’ Hail Caesar line, and give a big thumb’s up review of Shogun Miniatures magnetic bases and movement trays. I also talk briefly about my way-ahead for painting. Gotta’ buckle down!

— Please check out Robert Knestrick’s work over at Shogun Miniatures (this is a completely unpaid/unsolicited endorsement…he just does great work!):

— An article on the Warlord Games Hail Caesar site covering the Army Painter method (not an endorsement, yet):

There will be a bit of a break in my posting as I’m headed out to visit family out west for a few weeks, and so I hope everyone has a great holiday season (whatever you do or do not celebrate). Happy Festivus, if nothing else!

As always, subscriptions, thumb’s up, comments and (constructive) criticism is welcome!

Music by Kevin MacLeod:

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19 thoughts on “Hail Caesar Vlog #2 – First Cohort Assembled, and a Review of Shogun Miniatures Bases and Trays”

  1. what did you put the in . i e so you do not to move one after one the time. The unit base looks a good idea, and then when you get causalities you can remove one or two etc

  2. I can not digest the simplification of the number of units. A centurion should command at least 60-80 soldiers, not 24. The Warlord Games should make sure that the command sprue has more options, to arm as normal legionnaires some centurions (signifer and musicians) of the sprue of command, since not all players want the centuries consisting of 24 models. It also annoys me that there are not enough pila (plural of pilum) for everyone, especially if we consider the sprue of the command group. Frankly I think I will buy multiple copies of the Warlord base set of the invasion of Britannia, I can also individually base the individual miniatures, but with round bases, to be inserted into a rectangular base with hollow MDF rims to play Hail Caesar, or keep in bulk to play Lex Arcana and other Roman RPGs.

  3. I really liked your video. I like yourself really like these mini's. They IMO are on par if not better than GW. The mold lines are minimal and detail crisp. I have yet to base the ones I have painted yet and I just might use your trick. Keep on painting!

  4. "my anal, obsessive compulsiveness will not allow that"😂😂😂😂😂 so relatable, very good review blog brother thanks 👍👌👍

  5. Hey, man, great review! I gotta ask you though, you mentioned you've been playing Warhammer fantasy.. I'm looking to start these guys for a Fantasy army, but I've heard different stories about the scale of these models being very small. Could you give me your thoughts about it, would these guys work as a Warhammer fantasy army?


  6. very useful info man thanks, I was wondering a lot about the bases since I didn't see any in other videos. Those Bretons look AMAZING!

  7. some things i would suggest on project like this: Casualty models put on same base like  regular models that way you can use them like rank filers or just like normal wound models. you could make also bases for wound counters and make some hole in side for dice. Try to put models on larger base so that you don't spend that much time ranking them up – use 4×4 cm bases for 4 models and that way you can avoid that problem with cutting original bases under models feet . Also when you put basing material on models dont put it over original WG base just on visible part of  shogun bases – that way you can just paint original WG base and later hide it with some static grass. Also try alway to leave shields of models . It helps a lot while you paint models

  8. Good looking miniatures Jason. I'm with you on the painting of large numbers of troops. All the games I'm into at the moment are skirmish based. Warhammer fantasy is my only "Big Block" and prefer to keep it that way for now.

    I look forward to seeing them in some up coming battle reports 🙂


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