Hail Caesar! Battle Report: A Seleucid Kidnapping

Hello everyone. We try out a wacky scenario today where either side (Carthage VS Rome) has to pull a travelling band of diplomats off the table and back behind their line on their edge of the table. Not the greatest scenario I could come up with, but I wanted to try it out.

We don’t keep track of points when Tim and I play.. so don’t expect to see a list! We will most likely try gaming with points sometime in the future again, though.

Anyways, I filmed this scenario horizontally and it seemed to work fine – However, the iPhone lost some video quality when filming, may not have been as stable, and the volume at times seems muffled. Perhaps I am holding it wrong? Please let me know what you think!

Thanks for watching!

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5 thoughts on “Hail Caesar! Battle Report: A Seleucid Kidnapping”

  1. Movement error straight away… that unit did not factor in the "climbing move" to ascend the rock formation/reach the Seleucid envoys/emissaries.

  2. Great report mate! I also thought this battle was going to be over without a fight…but got some good blood spilled across the board…

  3. I like the battle report not being narrowed, much nicer to watch. Quality seemed fine. The sound dropped a bit in spots but nothing that I couldn't hear.


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