Gex Walkthrough Part [1/18]: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Gex the Gecko is a nifty PS1 game by Crystal Dynamics it was created in the era that PS1 games were still up and coming so they were pretty much 2D at the time. Gex is by no means a super game but I love it. Gex really has personality (Couch potato who knows too many movie quotes) and he doesnt really shut up.

This will be my new project I already pre-recorded about 5 videos and I will post them day by day. I have another question by the way what do you think of the quality I used some hocus pocus in WMM to make the screen widescreen but it does kind of give up a bit of quality so what do you guys think?

Part 2 will be posted tomorow.


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40 thoughts on “Gex Walkthrough Part [1/18]: Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

  1. My aunts sister had this for sega Saturn when I was like 5 or 6. I couldn't put this game down when I went over there

  2. Please tell me I'm not the only one who never made it past the graveyard stages due to the game having no save function whatsoever.

  3. I thought I just created the memory of playing this game in a dream cause I could never find it but it exists!!!

  4. wow this really takes me back this was the first game i ever got when i first got a playstation 1 crazy miss and love this game gex your a legend

  5. This actually looks like a fun platformer. I only ever played the 3rd one, but now I wish I had a way to play all of 'em.


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