Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (PSX) Longplay (100% Complete)

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This Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko 100% complete longplay and all remotes, paw coins, and bonus coins will be collected. The Lost Gex Tapes will also be collected and will be shown when the secret level is completed.


Intro – 0:00
Mission Control – 2:59
Totally Scrooged – 8:57
Marsupial Madness I – 25:32
Clueless in Seattle – 27:24
Gextreme Sports I – 46:59
Dial “A” for Arson – 49:44
Lake Flaccid – 53:02
Holy Moses! – 1:03:07
Gextreme Sports II – 1:23:03
War is Heck – 1:24:46
War and Pieces I – 1:43:55
The Organ Trail – 1:47:12
True Grits I – 2:11:50
Cut Cheese Island – 2:13:40
What a Crock! I – 2:37:23
Braveheartless – 2:40:00
Invasion of the Body Slammers – 2:44:18
Slappy Valley – 2:46:17
Unsolved Mythstories – 2:53:41
Marsupial Madness II – 3:34:06
Red Riding in the Hood – 3:36:22
True Grits II – 4:03:58
When Sushi Goes Bad – 4:05:51
War and Pieces II – 4:31:57
The Abyssmal – 4:35:07
Lions, Tigers, and Gex – 4:40:32
Funky Town – 4:43:56
My Three Goons – 4:57:35
Marsupial Madness III – 5:30:55
Superzeroes – 5:33:10
What a Crock! II – 6:05:42
Cheesy Rider – 6:07:54
Rez-Raker – 6:11:57
Endings, Concepts, & Credits – 6:18:47


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49 thoughts on “Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (PSX) Longplay (100% Complete)”

  1. I used to spend over 30 minutes in Pirate channel whacking treasure chests and listening to Gex's quips. He had me rolling every time 😀

  2. This game is underrated
    It was so great and original .Respect and big love for the developers
    It is not easy to make a good game in that time 1999.

  3. Ah i remember the days of no memory card playing the first few levels over and over and never being able to make that jump in the tutorial it blew my mind when i actuly made it to the 3rd hub area to discorver there was more. god i miss the ps1

  4. They should reboot this franchise. There's definitely a market for platformer/collectathon-style games in the adult market, and Gex's brand of sarcastic pop-culture humor would translate well to the internet age.

    Also: personal timestamp.

  5. This game was way creepier as a kid- some parts are still kinda creepy honestly. Even some sound effects are creepy for some reason lol! It’s still fantastic though.

  6. Esse gex 3 é muito bom mas eu prefiro mais da versão antiga versão 1.0 porque esse jogo que está no YouTube é da versão 1.1

  7. Dude I used to play this game so much! And never had a memory card so I always had to try and finish as much as I can in one day lol

  8. Not the entire gex 3 enter the gecko video (not completed) j only saw the part where you're in the mafia level and I only saw you collect the green gold gekko coin

  9. Wtf happened to Crystal Dynamics lol 😂😐 they had some great games times went by too fast GEX IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THROWBACKS

  10. I remember not playing this without a memory card being little as I was but didn’t stop me from playing the same tutorial and first snowy mission countless times

  11. These are some of the worst, most dated jokes I've seen in a long time. Liked it as a kid though.

  12. I remember I always wanted to play this as a kid. I liked lizards & wrestlers so a Gecko dressed as Stone Cold looked so dope. But I've been skipping around and haven't seen ANY wrestling themed levels in this whole game. I would've been super disappointed. Actually I'm disappointed as a grown man.

  13. Need a time machine to go back and tell younger me that i barely even started this game. I made it through the Egyptian level and gigured i was almost done…lol

  14. did you replace the audio voicing? I wonder if there is a way to replace all of Gex's talking files with your own audio files in the pc version? Emulator no? Thoughts? Imagine replacing it all with a meme soundboard lol!

  15. I haven’t played Gex in a while but I remember playing 2 and 3 so much as a kid. In 2 my favorite levels were toon tv, pre historic tv, and scream tv but when I was a kid the scream channels really freaked me out lol. I haven’t gotten through a lot of 3’s channels but like the western channel, Christmas channel, and mystery channel. But the Christmas and toon channels really have the most nostalgia to me because they were the first channels you go to.

  16. This game is cool. I have this game. I could never close with 100% of the game. I find it very difficult to get all the "butterflies" at all stages. The second secret bonus has a background music that neither of the game akuji the heartless.
    This video refers to level 2 of the Akuji game:

  17. Didn't realise there were different voice actors per region. The UK version has gex voiced by the cat from red dwarf


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