Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (PS1) Gameplay

This is a gameplay video of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko on the PS1 as played on a PS2 with texture smoothing on.

Now people can finally get off my back about getting a Gex game. I rented Enter the Gecko back int he day, but I was never hugely into Platformers until years later. My main genres in the PS1 days were RPG, and Action.

Crystal Dynamics sure knew how to push the PS1. In fact a modified version of the Gex engine runs Soul Reaver, which IMO is the best looking 3D game on the system. MGS is also great looking, and has the gritty realism thing going for it, but Soul Reaver looks a little better IMO.

Not that graphics matter though, and I’ve only just recently acquired this game, so I haven’t gotten particularly far into it, but so far it has looks (for a PS1 game), and the most important, fun gameplay. It’s not perfect, as with a lot of early 3D platformers, the camera can be a pain at times, but overall, it’s solid on all fronts.

Oh, and I really like having the choice of D-pad vs analog stick. I actually prefer the D-pad in games like this, because I tend to overcorrect with the analog stick. Either way, it’s nice to have the option, because if I need to, I can switch between the two. This footage is played with the D-pad. At least most of it is. Sometimes I subconsciously slip back to the analog stick without noticing because modern gaming’s bias against the D-pad has me default putting my thumb on the analog stick.


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30 thoughts on “Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (PS1) Gameplay”

  1. My younger cousin had all of these PS1 games and a HUGE stack of demo disks that he'd lend us (since us kids at the time were too poor to buy full videogames). The demo for this level was on one of those!! Damn, I remember having a blast with it!!

    I actually remembered the music and the dancing signs the most. (I literally almost pissed myself laughing when I first saw the trees, the candy canes and the signs all dancing!!)

    I should really try and hunt it and the other 2 Gex games down so I can finally play the full thing. (Now that I'm an adult and I've got my own money!!) There's a Videogame Trader there on center street…

  2. This is my favourite game ever !!! It was one of the first i had in the 200's. I didnt had a memory card so i was just pausing it for weeks till my console didnt worked anymore hahaha… what wonderful times..

  3. Man,finnally i found this game..this game is the best game than other freakin ps4 and something like that..i was grow by play this game on ps1 that given by my late uncle and i really love this one..thank you man

  4. I've only played "Enter the Gecko" on the N64 but this really reminds me of that snow level in Banjo Kazooie. It's on sale atm, maybe I should get it for the Vita.

  5. this guy sux im superior i can pick this game up if as if i went back in time two years this game is training duhh for the real world losers


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