Garth Greenhand: The Reach Part 1 (Game of Thrones)

Let’s talk about Garth Greenhand in part 1 of the Reach!



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49 thoughts on “Garth Greenhand: The Reach Part 1 (Game of Thrones)”

  1. Love the Reach & Game of Thrones? Try subscribing to Order of the Green Hand for awesome Game of Thrones / ASOIAF videos!

  2. I know I'm about a year late but could you do more videos about the specific houses for the Reach? There's so many interesting, historically rich, & powerful houses in the Reach. House Tarly, House Rowan, Florent, Peake, Redwyne, Fossoway, Hightower, etc.

  3. Sooo…the guy was basically the biggest sleaz-ball in all of Westeros, banging everything that moves in order to "give them his blessing" :))

  4. First cult leader of Westeros

    “Bring forth thy finest virgins, for their purity shall provide sustenance for my good works.”

  5. I guess SOMEONE took "Party on Garth" way too seriously…geez, so many children you forget who is even your own child is BAD

  6. You're going to make maesterbas–Ohhh, Maester bashing! Whew!

    Since every woman who had intimate relations with Garth Greenhands produced offspring, was Garth the original Sure-Shot?

  7. I just wanted to say that I appreciate and love your channel SO SO SO much! Your videos of the history and lore of Westeros are amazing and I love and appreciate all of the hard work and personality that goes into each and every one. Hats of to you!💙💙💙

  8. Thank you very much Lady Rawrist. To be fertile in fertile lands is a huge plus. Elia Martell needed a visit from Garth.

  9. Garth mated with all the weirwood trees and produced The Children of the Forest…Wait…Does that make him pansexual? 🤔

  10. You got to love Gareth. Like Yea, right that man had no seed left in his bag. Meanwhile, in the seventh hell, Robert Baratheon is like "who made the 8" Aegon iv cut's in " I fuck 900 women and'… Gareth in a corner laughing " your cute sons, who made the 8. I invented the mother fucken 8". Can you just see them in a brothel together '

  11. I bet “I Got Banged By Garth Greenhand And All I got Was Herpes” t-shirts would have been a big seller in The Reach

  12. Thank you and I love your videos and I just started watching you and all your videos and I couldn’t find the reach now I understand why lol

  13. If only Garth could touch Dany with his hands of fertility. Even though she's most likely not barren, all he'd actually be doing is making it so that she could get pregnant bay any old Joe


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