Forager | Closed Beta Let's Play Episode 6 – Unleashing Demons (PC Gameplay)

Let’s Play Forager! Now in closed beta and inspired by Terraria, Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda, this is an amazingly addictive crafting, building and adventuring indie gem. It’s also developed by one guy (and his cat): Mariano Cavallero / HopFrog.

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About Forager:
Forager is a 2D open world game inspired by exploration, farming and crafting games such as Stardew Valley, Terraria & Zelda.

– Gather, collect and manage resources.
– Craft useful items & structures.
– Build and grow a base out of nothing. Buy land to expand and explore.
– Level up and learn new skills, abilities, and blueprints.
– Solve puzzles, find secrets and raid dungeons!
– Achieve anything you want! The choice is yours, you set your own goals to work towards!
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45 thoughts on “Forager | Closed Beta Let's Play Episode 6 – Unleashing Demons (PC Gameplay)”

  1. By careful Fury, when you buy 12 lands he bugged and do not let you buy more, I hope it does not happen to you or fix the bug

  2. Fury, when you start a new game you should buy no "diagonal" islands – just go straight N,S,E,and W two tiles each. You can definitely get all four cool biomes + starting one if you are just careful in where you buy! It's expensive as heck, as you can see, but you can pull it off! If you really want to get lategame you'll need to unlock Textiles, which has a tech next to it that unlocks Royal Steel and Royal Thread, which you occasionally need.

    Also congratulations for being the only YTer I know of to have discovered the South "demonlands" biome 😛

    Aaaaalso, vaults act literally like more inventory space. If crafting items are in there (eg coal), they'll automatically be used in crafting without needing to take them out first. And if you pick up some more coal, it'll automatically hop into the vault.

    Aaaaaaaaaalso, if you build a whole bunch of Markets they'll all display different items – allowing you to buy basically every item including ones you have no clue how to craft (although they're pricey!). This is a great, but expensive, way, to fill the museum. But when you've hit the 12-island limit it's the only use for money.

    Lastly, I love watching you bumble around in the world of Forager – as much as I would hope that I would be more organised in what I do, I know I'd do exactly the same thing XD It's been sooo much fun to watch you!

  3. The enemy ascended beyond your control;
    Or was that all your intention?
    They have managed to demolish whatever we made,
    But you’re failing to comprehend…

    If they can, they will easily butcher you whole,
    While you’re blinded by your depression.
    I have gotten to the point where I’m just too afraid
    That you’re going to meet your end.

    My screams echo out through the fire,
    And your rival dares stand in my way…
    Yes, this is a hardship most dire,
    And one day, you will heed what I say:

    This is my message to my master:
    This is a fight you cannot win.
    I think that past your great disasters,
    Their victory stirs below your skin.

    If you proceed, I will not blame you;
    I will move forth and win your war.
    But if I should die before you continue,
    You shall have heard my final dying roar

    Yharon will return. It's not over yet

  4. I love the fact that you put so much effort into each of your episodes to provide us with the best content you can. Who would've thought you'll grind till you get 9800 gold coins. That's crazy!! XD
    Would love to watch more forager soon.

  5. Fury, you can craft from the vault and when you pick up an object on the ground it will go in the vault if you already have some of the same object inside. I also like the "would be cool that you can put all the item in with right click", I'm pretty sure you can actually, but the cmd is not right click i think you need to hold ctrl.

  6. I'm gonna try to get some friends to sub to your awesome channel you deserve more subs

    Edit: Collab with Chippy or Pedguin in a Terraria playthrough I love you and I love both of them

  7. Fury i wish the closed beta had more islands to purchase but i know it's only in it's early stages. Cant wait till it's released to the world!

  8. R.I.P.
    Giant Beet Family
    2018 – 2018
    Why did Fury have to kill you all for 75 beets (wait, what)?
    Nobody but him knows.
    Rest in peace.
    Fury is a monster…

    jk lul

  9. I find it oddly funny how after a person I won’t name said hi with one word, everyone else followed this. I find this rude in the fact that he did something original and everyone else took it to get this youtubers like and reply.

  10. You expanded faster than most people lol
    Do you mind linking the creators discord? If you did, I was too blind to see it

  11. I can't believe it's ep 6 already! Loving the series, so much! keep up the good work, you've been improving greatly


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