Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Hell Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)

All Hell (Fire) Island puzzles and quests (excluding Fire Temple and Fire Galaxy Tower). Guide to the four island number puzzle, wizards quest, engineers quest, dark shrine (blood alter), pillar puzzle (lights out), flaming chests and the old man shrine.

Watch the following videos for help with:
Ancient Tomb:
Fire Galaxy:

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20 thoughts on “Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Hell Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)”

  1. Circle Fire Pillars Puzzle : 0:37
    Wizards Quest: 1:16
    Engineers Quest: 2:49
    Dark Shrine Island: 3:30
    Full Square Fire Pillars: 4:00
    Flaming Chests Island: 4:36
    Shrine Island: 4:51

    That's all for me

  2. Man that coded switches puzzle, I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was supposed to do with the numbers.


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