Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Graveyard Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)

All Graveyard (Skull) Island puzzles and quests (excluding Skull Maze and Skull Galaxy Tower). Guide to the four braziers, mysterious pedestals, three bells, goblin helper, Hopfrog, skeleton and spike island puzzles.

Watch the following videos for help with:
Skull Maze:
Skull Galaxy:

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20 thoughts on “Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Graveyard Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)”

  1. I think I destroyed a puzzle without finishing it can you p,ease make a video on where to find all big chests

  2. My sign with the musical clue for the 3 bells puzzle disappeared and no matter how many times I try to complete it, the chest never shows. Sadly I will most likely have to start a new game to try again. Boo.

  3. Spike island still kills me with 4 hearts 😂
    I’ll just wait until I can find something to destroy them with.

  4. Hey in the Island where the goblin asks u for 100 bones, there is a circle with 618 written, what does it mean? couldnt figure it out

  5. are you sure the island in 2:09 doesn't have anything else??? what is the statue in the middle for? does it have a significant meaning?

  6. I did the spike island with 5 hearts. i wanted to buy another island and i got the chests. from them i got the 5 hearts i choosed. and did it. 0 dmg to hearts taken. idk how cuz when i had 3 hearts i instantly died
    still thanks. cuz i forgot about the dash


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