Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Desert Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)

All Desert (Sand) Island puzzles and quests (excluding Ancient Tomb and Ancient Galaxy Tower). Guide to the old man, princess, sphinx statue, four guardians, unpowered switch, obelisk and flower island puzzles.

Watch the following videos for help with:
Ancient Tomb:
Ancient Galaxy:

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17 thoughts on “Forager (Beta) – 100% Guide: All Desert Island Puzzles Quests (Overworld)”

  1. What if we used to obliterater to delete one of the puzzles (the eye) before i solved it, can i not go for full completion now?

  2. Hey Duude. Can you please make a Video where you show all the big chests? Me and my friend can't find the last one for the achivment. Would be nice of you <3

  3. I by accident drilled the sphinx statue away before I did the quest riddle thing for it. Is there a way to cheat the thing in again?


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