[FNAF Comic Animation] FNAF VS Pokemon GO

[FNAF Comic Animation] FNAF VS Pokemon GO now on Typhoon Cinema!
► Animator : Boberto Boo :
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00:07 – Kevin MacLeod – Scheming Weasel slower
00:11 – Pockemon go theme
01:14 – Kevin MacLeod – Run Amok
02:09 – Paul Stanley – Live To Win [Remix by BlackFox]
02:34 – Kevin MacLeod – Ouroboros

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49 thoughts on “[FNAF Comic Animation] FNAF VS Pokemon GO”

  1. Who else was singing "I play Pokemon Go everyday" in their head while watching this? If not, try it. It opens up a whole new world o-o

  2. Bonnie gender male
    Freddy gender male
    Chica gender female
    Foxy gender male
    Golden freddy gender GENDERLESS Animatronic

  3. bonnie would have had the same face if it was me rainbow bonnie instead at the freddy and foxy playing part


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