FIVE NIGHTS OF POKEMON?! – Part 1 (NateWantsToBattle) FNaF/Pokémon Fan Game

A let’s play of Five Nights of Pokemon, A Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Pokémon fan game with NateWantsToBattle

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27 thoughts on “FIVE NIGHTS OF POKEMON?! – Part 1 (NateWantsToBattle) FNaF/Pokémon Fan Game”

  1. This video was in my playlist for like 4 years and I'm yet finally up to watch it.

    Well I think that's quite funny!

  2. That moment puppet said jumpscares i just closed out youtube and was like


  3. I was trying to say "Nate is the most amazing person ever" and instead i said "Nate is the most amazing poke'mon ever" now i'm laughing way too hard!!!!!!!!!!


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