Failed Emergency Landings | Besiege

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Besiege is a physics-based medieval-themed simulation game where you can build anything from airplanes, helicopters and cars to catapults and cranes, and then play with it afterwards.

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35 thoughts on “Failed Emergency Landings | Besiege”

  1. Hey guys! The idea with making this video was to get my friend to shoot at me and do some damage and then attempt to land the damaged airplane. However most of the time I took too much damage so that the airplane just crashed hence the failed in the title. Hopefully next time I will bring you some better emergency landings. New video will be up tomorrow.

  2. 5:18 and 5:52 when your upper jaw comes on you lower jaw then snaps in half and breaks off your skull/body of plane

  3. Referring to your comment: A few are failed, few are successful, and few isn't even emergency landing but nonetheless it's a satisfying thing to watch!


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