Extracurricular Activities Furry Dating Game

Grawrr! Had a fun time making the video but I’m ready to rest. XP
ARTIST: @TillionMaia
REVISING: @OfficiallyJolly
@Locke blackginger /Dianna
@Kaninchenbun /Harold
@flint Dribbles16 /Dozer
@TrashPandaKuma /Chester
@Raith /Spencer
@PureKoor /Darius
@BamWuff /Bam
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40 thoughts on “Extracurricular Activities Furry Dating Game”

  1. It's difficult for me to choose just one character, but I love Darius Maynor , even if a serious commitment is difficult to get from him he's worth the effort like they all are. Who cares about money I like him because he's fun and forces you outside your comfort zone.

  2. My favorites are Coach Grifter and Spencer. I didn't expect to like Darius as much as I did though….

    By the way, I almost spat my drink out when you talked about the title screen. Haha!

  3. Chester and Coach are the best routes for me. Spencer's the typical bff to boyfriends which is cute. Dozer has the most calming but has a jeckyll and hide type of moments. Darius…is a mixed bag 😂

  4. Ooooh owo Seems interesting, and Heya Woof! im Your new subscriber! Woof!!

    Haha Keep up the good work ^^

    i do really liked you'r videos and all woof!

  5. Hi trexlis I love your dragon fursona and your YouTube channel and I have a question for you my dragon friend of extracurricular activities get more updates I hope you be in the game so I can date u owo and also of u was in the game what are your hobbies? And my last question for you are you going to do more videos on Furry dating games and play Furry dating games like amorous I understand u don't want to but I want to see you play it in your fursuit head like bo the dogo did on his channel I hope you have a great Monday and happy Furry Monday owo 🐺😉

  6. i played it many times even though there really are hot guys i really love them… the character i like a is Spencer,Chester,Harold…. sometimes Darius

  7. wow, i rarely finish video. but i actually enjoyed and finished this video, 16 minutes well spent. keep on the good job

  8. Sorry for being late to the video but I love your character! And this video was GOLD
    Edit: 12:29 is just wow so amazing!

  9. "Football comes smashing into your head"


    "Followed by you getting kidnapped"

    0 to 100 real quick

  10. These are hilarious and entertaining! Love them.

    I swear you're getting bigger just to compete with all the muscle in these games. I'm not complaining! ^_^

  11. Omg this is fantastic it looks like we all are infected with grawru and theres no cure. But it's okay 😏

  12. OwO a buff Trexlis ???? I LIKE this a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    And f that biii Dianna ! Harold don’t need her butt! 😤

  13. Who is this stranger in my notifications… It can't be. The king of pizza. But dam so much happens in a couple month. Insane work done dude👋👏👋👏👋👏

  14. They should've titled this game Bulge City Tennis. Fantastic video, Trex. I hope I can be half as good an editor as you some day.

  15. WOW I need to say so amazing animated video trexlis you get nice arter to make this video congratulation so hard work you need more views grawwrrr on this video :3

  16. WOW Trexlis your fursona really get much upgrades so hairy and so bigger i want give so much hugs for him grawrrrr


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