Everything Wrong With I Robot In 14 Minutes Or Less

I, Robot. This is one of the most boring action movies about robots ever made. Of course it has sins. Duh.

Thursday: horror sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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22 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With I Robot In 14 Minutes Or Less”

  1. I ate a burrito. And am still awake.
    Will Smith's arm getting damaged releases tension like a balloon. I saw him as racist at first, like in his netflix movie, so that was NOT something that I guessed would happen. But it made it all very unreal. It wasnt a great movie, but somebody was racist and that's all that counts. Right? Wrong. Will Smith kicked ASS in this and I Am Legend. I will always support him. Until he becomes racist or genocidal. Just saying, dude is self-proclaimed legend, and his son claims to be legendary. Sounds like a kick ass cinematic adaptation to me. Maybe Quill could be Jaden… and instead of Kert Russel they got Will fucking smith?! So much for one comment.
    I guess I really am tired.

  2. I've watched this before. It's been long enough, and I'm tired enough. I actually love this channel, like really really. I just rewatch when I'm sleepy, for movies that I can imagine without seeing the clips. My eyes were totally closed after I've watched this video for the third time, also while I wrote this. DING

  3. When shia gets punched in the chest he isnt even hurt just shocked. Which if someone or something hit you in the middle of the chest and threw you 10 to 15 feet it would probably kill you or break your rib cage.

  4. This is the last Will Smith movie I've liked of his collection of movies. Everything after this deserves a Cinemasins video.

    Some of these sins though… dear lord.

  5. gonna nitpick here. The movie does explain why the robot saves Will over the girl. It's because he was the most likely to survive. and that's why he hates robots, because they aren't sentient, don't have emotions, are only just lights and numbers.

  6. 9:58 – OK. You can't be serious about this one. They DID explain it in this very scene – right after this picture you're showing.
    This movie has a lot of flaws – no doubt, but those mistakes ruin the view of your not bad concept. And that makes me think of:
    – either you just fast foward all the movies in order to create more videos for this channel and really make all those mistakes,
    – or you deliberately fool your audience (because you "think the viewers are morons") in order to mine more sins to make your video long enough to monetize it.
    Both options don't do you any good, because there are lots of people who have seen those movies and can point out all YourSins (or just unsubscribe)…

  7. 8:44 – Well, actually they did explain this red chest thingy: direct connection with the USR server… They did it not once and not even twice for some morons who won't get it from the first time.
    As it turned out, it still wasn't enough…

  8. 1:52 – Actually, no.
    This robot can't obey Spooner's command because he needs to save his owner's life.
    Read the laws carefully.

  9. He wasn’t breaking the second law because if it did listen to Will Smith then he would be letting a human come to harm

  10. I totally agree, I'm a huge fan of Asimov's books and I saw this film with my dad, I thought it was pretty good.


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