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Goodness knows what the rules are to the Eton Wall Game, but judging by this Topical Budget newsreel footage it makes for a far better spectator sport than the average golf tournament. Played every St. Andrew’s Day, it is said that decades have gone by without a goal ever being scored, possibly because there does not even appear to be a goal. Instead the foolhardy players pounce on top of each other with gusto, forming an unruly scrum against a brick wall.

One player known to have taken part in this particular match is a young Eric Blair, who would later become better known under his nom de plume – George Orwell.

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24 thoughts on “Eton Wall Game (1921) | BFI National Archive”

  1. Ok, so I was looking for your reply to me and for some reason I can't find it, but I must concede to you on the 'your/you're' point (terribly embarrassing). I thoroughly reprimand my 17-year-old self for making such a careless mistake; I'm sure my Oxford University tutor would be unimpressed.

  2. State schools aren't free. The tax payers paid for your education. Money doesn't grow on trees, it comes from those who earn enough to be taxed.

  3. "Hey chap, want to go and rub ourselves against the wall"
    "Only after a cup 'o tea mate"
    "O yes, indeed, tis team time"

  4. @moonkeele Whatever degree you might have from whichever university (and I'm willing to bet it's not a good one, considering the spelling and grammar of that response) that doesn't change the fact that you made a horribly tasteless joke about a tragic death. Merely contradicting me by saying: 'you're wrong' doesn't actually prove anything; you're actions reveal you as a complete scumbag. One day, someone close to you will die and I'm willing to bet you won't want other people to joke about it.

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  6. @yaknbo I know Churchill went to Harrow, but my reference was his wall building hobby. He was a skilled bricklayer.

  7. Respond to this video… Very good. They protect us and exclude us. Good ones make good neighbors and good ones protect you from bad neighbors.

  8. It is amazing the effect a wall has on mankind……..The Eton mob like to play in front of it…..The Jews like to pray to it…….The Chinese like a big one…..The Berliners like to tear one down…….and Pink Floyd like to sing about it………Yes I know I missed Chuchill, Jericho and Hadrian but I must get back to buiding my own.


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