English Expressions to Talk About Love and Relationships

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about love and relationships in English.
You’ll learn how to talk about dating, getting engaged, good relationships, bad relationships and break-ups. You can see lots of useful vocabulary used in natural dialogues, and we’ll give you explanations to help you use this language clearly and naturally in your spoken English.

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1. Talking About Dating 0:49
2. Getting Engaged 04:10
3. Good Couples 06:40
4. Relationship Problems 09:53
5. Divorces and Break-Ups 12:09

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful phrases to talk about dating in English and getting to know someone at first.
– Understand English expressions to use when people get engaged.
– Get new vocabulary to talk about love and relationships in couples that have a good relationship.
– Be able to express certain situations that come from problems in relationships.
– See examples of ways to talk about break-ups and divorces in English.
– Understand how these English expressions to talk about love and relationships can be used in general conversation.
– See sample responses to these expressions in English conversation about love and relationships.

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27 thoughts on “English Expressions to Talk About Love and Relationships”

  1. Check your understanding after you watch with our free quiz! https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/talk-about-love

  2. I am very glad to watch this topic is very useful i get thiz channal alot information of learn english i only say one thing that is thank you 🙏

  3. I had a long distance relationship, we were together for almost three years, It started by a lot of energy and love and ful of patient, but by the time we had a whirlwind romance and we've taken things for granted, and of course we started fighting all the time, he was cheating on me all over the place, and he didn't seem serious about our relationship, so I've neglected him until we've broken up.
    Since that I'm so carful about dating somebody because I have a lot of baggage from my previous relationship, and I don't want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again with another person.
    For me, to have a successful relationship you must respect your partner choices and opinions, also you need to give him some of your time, and try to understand him ❤

  4. Good evening sir nd ma'am, you both are a great nd fantastic english speaker. Sir I'm Keen to speak like you that's why I've been trying for years for this but when it comes to speaking, I've to face lots problem and because of some problems I'm not able to speak fluent english. Sir what should I do to fix my problems sir.
    Have a blast sir.

  5. Thank you, Lori and Oli, for the great lesson it provided me with an interesting topic about love and relationships. Thanks to your explanations, I have learned many useful vocabulary and idioms. Moreover, you have proposed six very useful tips to keep a marriage happy. Besides things, I think tolerance is a virtue to keep marriage stable, too.
    Thanks again and see you again in another lesson.

  6. I just got my required IELTS results. Thanks to Asad Yaqub, Oxford Online English (OLI), LIZ, E2-IELTS (Jay), IELTS-Up


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