Deimos Rising – Level 12 (Carthage) Shield Bonus

Me playing the last level of Deimos Rising (using the level selection screen), with no deaths, and a shield bonus.

In the mines area, the game always spawns seven pairs of mines. I intentionally stall the killing of the final mine to allow the final set of panels to leave the bottom of the screen. This makes the next area easier.

In the final area, I use green shots to count how many waves of planes come down after the map stops scrolling. I attack the final ground target only after the fourth, final wave has come down, so no planes interfere while I am attacking the ground target.

Recorded in May 2011.


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14 thoughts on “Deimos Rising – Level 12 (Carthage) Shield Bonus”

  1. Congratiulations man! Some mars rising footage maybe, that would be more than awsome. Childhood memories

  2. My mom used to play this game. Now I still hold onto the computer that I play it on. I'm sometimes there every day, sharpening my skills. This game is great! 😀

  3. I could never get past the mines area. You make this look so simple… and it is! Why have I not figured this out?

  4. I legend in my eyes. I remember playing this on Mac OS 9 at my Primary School at around 10 or 11 years old. So much fun 🙂


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