Deimos Rising 13769000 High Score (Full Run)

A full playthrough of Deimos Rising, with no deaths, getting a high score of 13769000.
Shield bonuses on levels 1, 3, 4, and 5 only.

I restarted level 1 until I got a bonus multiplier from the first silo, and aborted all attempts that didn’t get to x10 by the end of level 3. It is important not to die so you can hold the x10 multiplier from then on until the end of the game.

There are some areas in the game where I intentionally leave one ground target alive (e.g. one tank at the end of level 3), because there are some waves of air targets that are not spawned if you finish off all the ground targets in the area early. This gets me some more score.

My trick for killing the mines on level 12 is a reliable way to do that area without dying, though you can still die if you take too long to kill them; about 13 seconds after the mine has launched, the mine will move erratically for a moment and then resume chasing you again (e.g. the counter-clockwise mine in the 6th pair of mines did this in this run). So instead of continuing to orbit, they can deviate and then come straight back at you. This can kill you without warning because the mine might be off-screen when it makes this change, so you can’t see whether it is coming straight at you or not.

N.B.: The “All Mission Targets Destroyed” bonus of 1 million score is not affected by bonus multipliers.

Possible Future Improvements:
* Kill more air targets and collect more coins. There is one area on level 8 where I didn’t know that the game would spawn one more wave of I think 7 helicopters if I stalled killing the green dual turret a bit longer. This would give a measly 7*90 extra base score, plus a coin, giving 7300 more points after x10.
* Get more shield bonuses. A shield bonus is worth 2000*Level base score, and this is then multiplied by any bonus multiplier you have. So, for example, getting a level 12 shield bonus in this run would have given 240000 extra score.


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16 thoughts on “Deimos Rising 13769000 High Score (Full Run)”

  1. I am frankly amazed I found this, I had only the vaguest memories of this thing. I used to play it back when I was like in first second or third grade. I don't remember virtually nothing about it, except for the ship was red and shiny, and the sound effect that the main gun makes.

  2. Ah yes, deimos rising my favorite game that takes me back to my childhood memories back in 6th grade, man i still love this game

  3. Used to be a pro at this game back in my grade school days. Our computer lab class was literally just watching me play. xD

  4. Lack of music is a little disappointing.

    Nice video, though. Always wondered what happened when you won. A rather lame ending, unfortunately.

  5. Wow. When I play i manage to get 9 lives pretty solid through the entire game. Then I get up to Yucutan Rift. Loose half of them and then Kepler Massif and loose all the rest :D.


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