Dark Deception REBORN

Dark Deception… the terrifying Pac-Man style game about murderous monkeys is BACK!! And this time, Nikson, the creator of The Joy of Creation games has help bring this monstrosity to life!
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32 thoughts on “Dark Deception REBORN”

  1. "darkest duengen"
    "beirces BUTROOM"
    "monkey buissnes"

    *awkward silence… *

    HE said every word different that was spelt properly and when it was money buissnes…. Anyone notice it was spelt wrong and he said it right-….

  2. Am I the only one who watches dark deception videos randomly just to see how people react to Bierce saying “I thought you’d b bigger”

    It’s hilarious

  3. markiplier you need to finish dark deception… there are now more levels more nightmares than ever before animatronics? yes. clowns? yes. metal rubber duckies with cone hats and barbie legs….yes. i would love to see you continue this series and the darkness that lies within

  4. Me: Let's install on steam.
    10 minutes later the game is installed
    I try to play dark deception :Game crashed because the graphics of the game are too big >_<


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