Coolbaby RS 97 Retro Game

The RetroGame RS-97 by Coolbaby is like a revival of the Dingoo A320 and Revo K101 Plus. It really portable and with custom firmware, it runs most emulators at full speed.

Coolbaby RS-97 Retro Game

97Next firmware

97Next News

The GBA slot is just a glorified microSD card adapter, it will not be able to read GBA games.


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26 thoughts on “Coolbaby RS 97 Retro Game”

  1. I was charging my device …when I pulled plug out…the screen is blank??? The green power light comes on….but screen is blank …. Please help me!!!!

  2. For those who think that this is redundant because an android smartphone is capable of emulating those games, you are wrong.

    The problem is that it is very hard to emulate hardware buttons with touch screen control. A Bluetooth controller is extremely bulky and non portable. A RS-97 is necessary for portable retro gaming.

  3. where do you get the files as per your video? i did head over to the link but nothing tallys up with the file browser window you have

  4. yea man! Having a modded psp plus dual sd card adapter is amazing, even in 2018! I love my PSP. It's a slim 2000, it used to be my brother's way back. I remember the UMDs. Now, everything on it is digital. sold the discs to gamestop.

  5. Who don't three retro clones have games from the dreamcast or game cube or Xbox? They always have the same shit 16bit mega drive and snes and gameboy games. How boring.

  6. @kenversus I got this recently and want to add some cps games to my microsd card. The games are in zip files but don’t seem to run. Any ideas how I can get them to work? Should mention that the firmware I’ve got is stock. Thanks

  7. I just bought a rs-97 with opendingux … I would like to understand why czdoom and prboom do not start even though there are all the files in the folders. instead Duke nukem 3d works without problems. possibly someone could explain to me how to install games like czdoom or other .wad?

    or anyway where I can find a guide because I'm new in the opendingux world

  8. Hi guys, can anyone explain me which rs97 console versions is the latest ? Mine shows v1.0S, it comes with 16 gb and 3000 games…and what is the difference between each version?

  9. One question there is a real improvement for the games?
    i am talking in specific about SNES and GBA games…

  10. When connect to my PC via usb cable my PC cant connect to the RS97 despite it show "USB Drive Connected" . I cant copy new games to RS97.


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