Convergence #5 Recap/Review – Deimos Rising

Arden starts off this week’s recaps and reviews with Convergence #5!

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Convergence #5

by Jeff King (Author), Andy Kubert (Art), and DC Comics (Publisher)

The threat to the Multiverse grows as Brainiac confronts his creation Telos, and the surviving heroes of Earth-2 are stuck in the middle! Plus: A specific moment in time signals a call to all the cities that have been battling each other! Witness the final fates of the winners and losers of Convergence!

Published May 6, 2015; List Price: $3.99


“Future Gladiator; The Builder, One-Eyed Meastro” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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16 thoughts on “Convergence #5 Recap/Review – Deimos Rising”

  1. Where is convergence 6 i know is out already are you guys not continuing this story or something plz continue or show me where i can catch the rest of the event

  2. tie-ins are better than the main premise..???  so if all the good tie-ins converge with the bad main plot then the good tie-ins would not matter

  3. Personally in my opinion I don't give a dam about the earth 2 characters I want them to go away I want my pre 52 characters back dam it screw the new 52 characters why'd can't we follow the pre 52 characters instead but that's just my opinion anyways good review and I hope you have a good day and take care

  4. The problem with DC is they try to write complicated storylines that end up starting to many plots that never go anywhere so they just try wrap things up quickly and half the time they don't make sense or just sucks. If they kept things fairly simple their stories would be a lot better.

  5. Have to say im really dissapointed with you, Convergence is just getting better and better. and you dislike it more, makes no sense , Stop reviewing it then and go over with the rest of Marvel fanboys and jizz over Secret wars.

  6. If it makes you feel better, I have heard that the #2 tie-ends are so good, that it even makes up for some of the #1 tie-ends that were kind of bad

  7. I wonder if we'll get to see that other death stroke from a while back, you know the one who is basically Deadpool to just kind of kill everything with a large red butten

  8. Dude, you need to stop trying to read dramatically. Your Just screaming and it s taking away from story. The way u read them before was fine. Just cause other people do it doesn't mean u have to. Besides that another good overview


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