Close To The Sun Gameplay Demo – This Isn't a Bioshock Clone

Take a look at some Close to the Sun gameplay from the PC version demo. Developed by Italian studio, Storm in a Tea Cup, the game has a distinct Art Deco style and looks similar to Bioshock.

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48 thoughts on “Close To The Sun Gameplay Demo – This Isn't a Bioshock Clone”

  1. 2k should fucking file a suit. I don't care even if this game was good, they straight up jacked the art-style. Even the cover art was a clear indication of what it's trying to be. I would have had a lot more respect for this developer if they would have used their own art-style.

  2. You clearly haven’t played bioshock if you state this isn’t a bioshock clone,lmao. Even the story has the same beats, entering the city/ship,dystopia for select people,talking to an allies on a radio then getting back stabbed by them,even the death of her sister was exactly how the chick in Arcadia died in bioshock with the gas..and then the ending is the same escaping in a bathysphere in this game they just don’t call it anything but it’s a bathysphere clone…She could of escaped by air rescue,have to make her own makeshift boat but they go for a exact rip off of a bathysphere. Oh they even copied the citizens of the ship wearing masks,rapture masquerade ball anyone? They didn’t even try to explain why they are wearing masks,it’s just like bioshock did it let’s do it too. If your gunna copy bioshock atleast get the time period correct and put some good music in there. Dionysus,Persephone as level names? Now they are copying bioshock 2’s level names.lmao…not saying this is all bad,looks like a kool game. Just saying. Why are people hellbent on saying this is not a bioshock clone? You can’t say it’s not a clone just because the gameplay alone and the character names are different when everything Else is the same

  3. Art Deco was not a 1950s style, but a mid-Victorian to pre-WWI style heavily influenced by the French and the advancements made by the World's Fair. A simple google search would give this information, as well as simply looking at the costumes of the characters.

  4. The game play is definitely not BioShock inspired but the game setting most definitely is, so much so that after playing Close To The Sun I installed all the Bioshocks and have been having a much more enjoyable time playing them then I did this simplistic game even tho I have played all 3 multiple times in the past. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying don't play this game because I played it, I'm saying it was not near as enjoyable playing Close To The Sun as it was reinstalling the BioShocks and play the game that inspired this game. Just go play Minerva's Den (DLC BioShock 2) witch should take you as long to finish as Close To The Sun and then tell me you didn't have a more enjoyable time play the original then this walking simulator.

  5. It might look like Bioshock ( it sucks that it isn't ) but in all honesty I will play it, i mean its the closest to a Bioshock 4 i'll ever get. As long as it ain't short like Infinite

  6. of course it isn't Bioshock, has no action or anything, its just a point and click game environmentally INSPIRED by Bioshock.

  7. so based on what I've watched,it focuses on exploration rather than being a shooter

    yeah it's definitely not bioshock
    the game world looks like it was inspired by it though


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