City Ice Cream Delivery Boy: Virtual Life Game 3D – Android GamePlay HD

City Ice Cream Delivery Boy: Virtual Life Game 3D – Android GamePlay HD

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Gam3Dude presents you City Ice Cream Delivery Boy: Virtual Life Game 3D the 2nd installment of its successful =City Ice Cream Delivery game. Get a chance to drive frozen food truck and ice cream cart with classic 3-wheel bicycle to sale frozen dessert across NY city. This summer vacation expand your ice cream factory business to expand in further big cities and country sides of United States. Get store opened in shopping mall, beach bazar, amusement parks and sale frozen yogurt, ice Popsicle, icecream cones and more. Drive ice cream van or mini truck on big cities streets.

The wait is over ride 3-wheel bicycle use mini refrigerator and step into the virtual life of ice cream man. Sale frozen dessert from your ice cream factory to the kids school and other citizens city blocks in this mega city ice cream delivery game with driving good truck and riding 3-wheel bicycle simulator game. Play as ice cream man every kids in the corner of amusement parks and sunny beach looking for you. To fill hits craving for yummiest and tasty frozen desserts like ice Popsicle, frozen custard, ice pops, snow cones and more. Drive frozen ice cream truck on busy streets in this ice delivery boy simulator 2018. Get ice cream and frozen food desserts from the ice cream factory and sell them to the shopping mall, high school, theme park, sunny beach and other places. Park mini truck with perfection and precise at empty parking spots to sale out maximum ice cream products with different flavors. Serve customers on busy streets of big cities and country sides like little kids, oldies and adult everyone loves eating chocolate ice cream cone and Vanilla, strawberry, mint chip, Gelato and more. Live virtual life of a hawker and go up to city super store distributor and serve frozen ice cream packs.

Start up your ice cream parlor on sunny beach side, people are playing with sea waves and getting tan in the sun. Anxious and happy kids are waiting across the street. The later your bicycle simulator arrives, the more customers are going to gather. And many of them will get angry on delivery boy. It is your delivery duty to drive and take hold of steering to reach parking spots on time in city ice cream delivery game. Also, chose the shortest oaths that lead you to your customers. Remember, ice-cream vans take too much space to be driven in heavy traffic of mega city and also need much space, which your 3-wheeler ride does not require. Kids are jumping and waiting outside their small houses or down on the lanes of big buildings, and want city ice cream dessert.

Be a skilled driver, and carry cart without losing balance of it, and also do not hit traffic lights or any other heavy vehicle that comes in your ride. In this way, compete best ice cream truck drivers and meet your sales target by reaching awaiting customers on time. Just speed up wheels, race in with time and complete city ice cream delivery game tasks.

This City Ice Cream Delivery Boy: Virtual Life Game is best 3 wheeler bike riding and steering game for driver simulator game lovers. Now download this ultimate rider and extreme riding game to have wonderful gaming experience.


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