Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card Review | Best Credit Card For Small Purchases

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The Citi Rewards Plus is an overlooked credit card and be extremely lucrative for people who make small credit card transactions. The Citi Rewards+ offers a benefit that we don’t see other credit cards offer.

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18 thoughts on “Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card Review | Best Credit Card For Small Purchases”

  1. When Citi killed travel protection, I product changed from the Premier to the Rewards+. With the other cards I have, I was already finding it hard to find a spend category that justified Premier’s $95 AF. It had been relegated to “my gas card.” After the product change, the Rewards+ became a sock drawer card.

  2. I have the Premier, so if I pool points to that, then reedeem from the Premier, will the 10% back feature still apply if I hold the Rewards Plus also?

  3. The Citi Rewards+ only has an edge for purchases under $5.00

    A $5 purchase would be a 2x point return
    At $3.33 it's a 3x return
    At $2.50 it's a 4x return
    At $2 it's a 5x return

    $6.66 is a 1.5 point return, FYI.

    It's a superior card to the double cash if you buy a lot of single cups of coffee…or whatever. Especially if the purchases are under $2, which would make the earn superior to the Prestige.

    It's a very weird card because it's so niche to sub $5 purchases if you want to beat 2x.

    At $100+ it basically becomes a 1x card.

    Which is weird because if you could some how make a credit card purchase for a penny it'd be a 1000x return. At that rate of return you could make the points for a domestic round trip award on Turkish airlines anywhere in the US for $15 in spend.

    I'm sure someone has tried to abuse tf out of this and I wanna know if it worked.

  4. Looking forward to diversifying my credit card portfolio. But dang, 2 years is a long time in the credit card game. Are there 3 or 4 cards that earn Thank You Points?

  5. Waller's Wallet I was recently on Walmart's website and noticed they have 3 capital one cards. Store card, rewards cards and rewards plus card. I looked for this rewards plus card and couldn't find anything. Do you know about this cards?

  6. I was not aware of the 10% points back feature… That could be decent.

    Regarding linking accounts, do you know if it is possible to link your Citi Double cash as well, so that your cash back on that account, converted to Thankyou points get pooled with other cards?

  7. I think I might want to look in to that all I have is the double cash card form Citi so this card I can just get thank you points roundup to 10 on small purchases I think I need to look in to this more

  8. So does this card round up first and then double on the 2x categories? I always thought it doubled first and then rounded. For example, 2 bucks at the grocery store then doubled to 4 and then rounded up to 10 meaning a gain of 6 points. Have I been missing points?

  9. If you link a Rewards+ to a Premier account to pool points, does that wave the 90 day expiration on points “transferred”? If so, I think linking this two cards, but not the Double Cash would be a good strategy. That way you still have cash back option as there is no benefit to linking.

  10. I just recently decided to do a DC/R+/Premier combo with Citi. Ultimately will have sets of cards with Chase, AmEx and Citi to be able to funnel points into the various overlapping transfer partners. Effectively makes all 3 issuers' points equally valuable (in my eyes)✌

  11. I’ll be getting this. Done with Amex in wallet. Now holding out for citi and us bank cards. But more I think about it, prestige and this may be keepers. Premier for a bonus and then cancel.


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