Chinese Knock Offs – Cool Baby HDMI Mini NES (It's actually good!)

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What do we have here? Another Chinese clone that might not be total crap?

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39 thoughts on “Chinese Knock Offs – Cool Baby HDMI Mini NES (It's actually good!)”

  1. 4:36 3. 越南语VIETNAMESE

    4:49 Vietnamese language
    Máu Nóng
    Cuộc Phiêu Lưu
    545 TRONG 1

  2. You never used mega drive controller on this console of nes clone it's not sega mega drive it's original nintendo console

  3. hello, i want to buy this, but ive seen this with same name brand the console itself is same also with this, the only diff is the box? what is the real maker of this one? what should I get?thanks

  4. Does this system have the original Tetris game and can it hook into a modern 4K tv like a Sony Bravia and work well?

  5. FYI: Final Mission isn't a Contra game, but the Asian version of SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (although ironically, it uses the Konami soundfont)

  6. Something I'll never get is why chinese manufacturers always name products cool baby maybe its a slang or dialect thing

  7. Thing is 12 dollars on lol. I might get one because it's so cheap. Some of these games are the real deal but most are a joke

  8. I have the Super Retro HD Game Console 621+ 8 Bit GAMES Super Nes-Nes-like variant which is an improvement of this version and probably the best version your ever likely ever to get!! Once you get over that it looks like a Super Nes Mini…


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