Chara Boss Fight! Undertale Fangame "Determination"

A last Genocide battle. With commentary / reactions.
Intense fanmade battle against the fallen human.

0:22 Intro
4:43 Chara Fight
34:22 Ending
37:34 Credits
43:24 Madam Sharky?!

Play the game yourself!

Determination is an Undertale tribute created by geek2games. It lets you continue after the Genocide ending and fight Chara in a final epic showdown.

All footage and music used belong to their respective owners.
Allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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20 thoughts on “Chara Boss Fight! Undertale Fangame "Determination"”

  1. In undertale you are naming the first human (chara). but you are not playing as her, you are playing as frisk (you already know), chara is a demon. Which means you are not actually merg she is merg. if you were to name yourself chara it would say: The True Name.

  2. Madame sharky:do you know what I like?

    Me: It's a beautiful day outside.
    Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
    On days like these, Kids like you…



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