Capitals defeat Lightning in seven games to reach Stanley Cup Final

Relive the Eastern Conference Final, as the Washington Capitals defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning to reach the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1998, the first of Alex Ovechkin’s career, with stellar play from the Russian stalwart and back-to-back shutouts from Braden Holtby in Games 6 and 7!

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22 thoughts on “Capitals defeat Lightning in seven games to reach Stanley Cup Final”

  1. Ok . . . so if COVID19 has you pissed off that it took away the best time of the year…the NHL STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS…..let me hear it

  2. I think the lightning lost because the fans of all fan bases got tired of getting their ears raped by the Tampa Bay radio announcer

  3. я англицкий вооще не рублю Спасибо за несколько часов драйва и адренналина!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lightning announcer: Fires!


  5. This was a really well done video. Also, why does Tampa's announcer sound like a pubescent 13 year old trying to sound like a "cool" announcer


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