Can you find hidden spy cameras with a cheap spy camera detector or free app?

Can you find hidden spy cameras with a cheap spy camera detector or free app? In this video we test a cheap camera detector for under $10 and we also test a free app designed for finding spy cameras using your smartphones hardware.

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23 thoughts on “Can you find hidden spy cameras with a cheap spy camera detector or free app?”

  1. Do not just decide that the little camera detector is rubbish and then ignore it. I have one like that and it is working very well, but it is intended to detect wireless cameras. It will not detect USB or CCTV/IP cameras which are hard wired to your network or PC. It may be able to detect the IR LEDs when you are looking through that little colored lens in the dark, but you will detect the IR LEDs with your cell camera if it is set to day/night. There were no instructions that came with my detector, so I cannot tell you the purpose of the flashing LEDs or the coloured lens/filter. This device is also great for tracking/detecting equipment that is transmitting signals, like your WIFI router and similar. I have had mine for years and it is not falling apart, mine is good quality. Some people use wireless cameras to look at women in a hotel room next door or fitting rooms – that is really disgusting and when you catch such a person; please smash his face in. Spying on people in this manner is really not acceptable. You should install the apps to detect IR light with your cell and teach your travelling lady friends how to sweep their hotel rooms for such cameras. These people post these videos/pictures on porn sites and there is not much that you can do about it.

  2. People making porns by putting in ladies toilet, changing room. Disgusting. Why can't people feel fear before doing such bad act. Don't spoil someone life. Even bf recording and selling the video ot blackmail girls, female.. very bad people out there. A protective guide and steps needs to be included for women safety

  3. So it only detects wifi cameras? What's about a camera with a micro sd that doesn't have any radio transmission. Is there a detector for that?

  4. This is the most suspisious video haha. There could easily be sometthing rihgt above the camera lense. lol God this world is fucked.

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  6. My mother in law is trying to get out of a very bad relationship. Her soon to be ex has installed spying software on her cell phone, on her computer and theres been things said that makes her believe there are hidden cameras or audio spy devices in her home. Right now she is playing like she doesnt know about them as she is trying to safely find a way out of the relationship!!! But once that happens, what does everyone recommend to find wired and wireless cameras? Also, is there anything that will find microphones? Thanks to all that can offer some help!!!


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