Bloodborne: NPC Gyula (Ashen Hunter Armor Location)

In this video I show you NPC Gyula and what the outcomes are. You can get the following items.

– Ashen Hunter Armor Set
– Powder Keg Badge
– Rifle Spear
– Stake Driver
– “Brush off Dust” Gesture

The only difference in not killing him, is acquiring the Gesture. You can get everything else by killing him. If you want the Gesture, follow the steps in the video 🙂 After you get it, I believe killing him will be fine!
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11 thoughts on “Bloodborne: NPC Gyula (Ashen Hunter Armor Location)”

  1. Why do some people call him Gyula (Even the wiki with the professional maps show his name Gyula) but most call him Djura? Is it a translation thing, he's Gyula in Japan and Djura in English?

  2. I beat him and purchased the stake driver but the armor isn't available for purchase can someone please tell me why is this?!?

  3. Hi, I want to ask you about having problems with going online. when I click on go online it's says that the game didn't fully install and i have to play offline

  4. Ohhhhh it was an NPC well shitt… I wonder why it was such a formidable opponent, killed me 4 times den I went apeshit spam blunderbuss on his ass forcing him off the ledge to his death. Still, got the item . U need 10 insights to get the bath messages per run zz


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