Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Game Video – Let's Play Blackout At The Gaming Center

Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Game: Our very first time ever playing this unique style of Ticket Redemption Arcade Game. This is the version that the player earns Tickets. There is a second version of this Blackout Arcade Game where the Player can win a prize. The prizes vary by Gaming Centers. Although we had plenty of fun playing this version, we are going to seek out the Prize Redemption version at a different Arcade Gaming Center in the future and see if we can fair even better. Being today was our first chance at playing this arcade game, we found ourselves learning as we go and getting a wee bit better the more we played. We feel strongly that our second time around in the future, we’ll be capable of winning more tickets to cash in for future prizes. If you enjoyed this Let’s Play Arcade Gaming video, please give it a “Like” thumbs up and a positive comment so that we know you want to see more gameplay featuring this Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Game version.

Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Game

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