BATMAN Season 2 – All Death Scenes Episode 5 (Game Over Screens) 60FPS HD

BATMAN: The Enemy Within A Telltale Series – All the DEATH SCENES and Game Over Screens (incl. some Kills) in season 2 Episode 5: “Same Stitch” in 1080p HD at 60FPS.
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39 thoughts on “BATMAN Season 2 – All Death Scenes Episode 5 (Game Over Screens) 60FPS HD”

  1. I love how when the people take the thugs batman jumps over the ledge then a woman just shoots him with a pistol

  2. 12:48 The way Bane just shows up to snap Batman's neck reminds me of Robot Chicken's "Tudootoodoodoo that's Bane!"

  3. Vigilante Joker is a lot scarier and more broken than Villain Joker, as Vigilante Joker willingly murders his best and only friend, and even laughs maniacally about it, because he doesn’t believe Waller should die. Villain Joker actually shows relent from killing Bruce, as he stops Harley Quinn from detonating the bomb and even leaks the location of every other bomb to the GCPD.

  4. Is it actually at all possible to survive a sledge to the head in anyway shape or form I know were humans and metal is supposed to be able to break our bones like glass but we are strong in many ways as well we can influence or own immune system without drugs on our own with the wim hof method and some of us can run for miles without stoping even to pee or shit (yeah it's pretty gross)

  5. You missed 2 one on vigilante part where harley yells at helicopter you run upstairs then dont do anything and on villain path wher you trust selina with the key selina trows ridler cane but you dont move thats death too.And that all the deaths

  6. Batman got Lara Croft-ed, taking that rebar through the side and grunting so an unnecessarily high amount of times! Referring to the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider btw.

  7. A lot of deaths in this episode, I am surprised! 😲
    If I missed a death let me know, although I think I have every death scene 🦇 🃏 ♦♠♥♣


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