Batman: Return to Arkham Asylum – All Game Over Death Scenes

All Game Over – Death Scenes from Batman: Return to Arkham – Arkham Asylum [PS4 Full HD 1080p]


Death Scenes:
00:05 – Joker
01:10 – Harley Quinn
01:29 – Bane
01:48 – Scarecrow
02:17 – Killer Croc
02:43 – Poison Ivy
03:03 – Titan Joker
03:30 – Cash (Play as the Joker)
03:44 – Batman (Play as the Joker)


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One & PC
Video recorded on: Sony PS4


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29 thoughts on “Batman: Return to Arkham Asylum – All Game Over Death Scenes”

  1. 0:48 Oh, i'd like to thank my fans for their undying support, and people of Gotham,who i will be seeing very , very soon (joker's chuckle).

  2. 3:14 Wait a minute i got a question: How can Joker keeps his sanity? All the inmates who consumed the Titan have turned into irrational creatures!

  3. Arkham Asylum death scenes will always have that disturbing feeling the future Arkham games come close but not the exact feeling as Asylum.

  4. 1:35 It is interesting to see that Bane acts like an idiot, as if he were stupid, this is shown in Batman Arkham Origins, he has intelligence, then when he gets super strong in Blackgate, he totally loses the ability to think.


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