BATMAN – All Death Scenes Season 1 (Game Over Screens) 60FPS HD

BATMAN: A Telltale Series – All the DEATH SCENES and Game Over Screens (incl. some Kills) in season 1 in 1080p HD at 60FPS. Please like/comment and subscribe. It really helps! 🙂
Made by Ryan (SpottinGames) on the PC in 1080p.


– BATMAN (The Telltale Series):
– Batman Alternative:

– Batman Arkham VR:
– Batman: Arkham Knight:

– Minecraft: Story Mode:
– Minecraft: Story Mode – Alternative:

– Tales from the Borderlands:
– Telltale’s Game of Thrones:
– Walking Dead: The Game:
– Walking Dead: The Game Alternate:
– The Walking Dead: Season 2:
– Walking Dead Alternate Season 2:

– Jurassic Park: The Game:
– Back to the Future:

– All Cutscenes [Movies]:

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28 thoughts on “BATMAN – All Death Scenes Season 1 (Game Over Screens) 60FPS HD”

  1. At first, I thought I was sadistic for seeking this out. Then I realized that someone actually made the video.

  2. Seriously, how can they not congratulate themselves for killing the bat?

    In the Arkham games whenever you died, they always said, "WE KILLED THE BAT!"

  3. WAIT A MINUTE if you fail at 15:53 you see penguin shoot vicki vale later to be shown as lady arkham, PLOT HOLE!


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