Barotrauma: Traitors Under the Sea

Domique me look like a liar…
Previous Barotrauma episode:
Watch the full stream here:

This game is super cool and we really enjoyed exploring it. Be sure to let us know if you like the video as we’ve got plenty more footage to go through! Info on the game here:

All the footage in this was shot live, if you’d like to join us for our next voyage consider giving my Twitch page a follow ( or follow on Twitter for news of future streams!

The crew:
Tomato –
Bedbananas –
MrLawlMan –
Buck –

Edited by Shayne ‘Hank’ Hawke:


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50 thoughts on “Barotrauma: Traitors Under the Sea”

  1. FISH this far in the deep? NONSENSE!
    Check out the previous Barotrauma video –
    Watch the full stream on my Twitch here –

  2. that lisp… ether you dont have a lisp and its sooo wrong or you doing it or you have it and come on man a job where you speak is not the gift to the world all im saying. first time watcher and last time

  3. There once was a goat named Buck
    With his jokes he had much luck
    But then one day
    Whilst in a watery bay
    He cracked and fucked right up

    Domique was a man
    Far from the land
    With not a brain in sight
    Sanity lost
    Wires crossed
    In water black as night

    With his gun a trigger pulled
    Then a boom
    Now only two were left in this drinking room

    Wait but no
    Something was off
    In his chest something was not right

    Like a sailor to a leak
    He turned quick on his feet
    Yelling "Do- uhh.. Domique"

    "This isn't uhh the drinking room"
    "Domique me look like a liar"
    Then his gun fired
    His bullet hit
    But then he met his doom

    For you see
    This submarine
    On this moon
    Was captained not by Domique
    But by Buck the loon

  4. I get what he was going for

    Domique: I uh…

    Criken: Yes captain?

    Domique: I didn't take you down here to have a drink, kid.

    Criken: Captain?

    Domique: . . .Domique me look like a liar.

    Criken: CAP-


    But the execution did not follow through

  5. Criken: I have one last trick up my sleeve…

    Domique: DOMIQUE

    Criken: "repeatedly stabs in back while being silent"

  6. Buck: If you wanna leave the station so badly why not go out in a body bag! Tomato: * pulls out uno reverse card*


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