ASHEN – All Armor Locations Guide

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⏩ASHEN All Weapons Locations Guide

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11 thoughts on “ASHEN – All Armor Locations Guide”

  1. Wanderer's Clothing: 0:09
    Disciple Vestments: 1:05
    Insurgent Armor: 2:20
    Listener Garb: 3:50
    Overlord's Hauberk: 5:00
    Forebearer's Charge: 6:23
    Tyrant's Plating: 7:27
    Imperial Armor: 8:33
    Defiler Veil: 9:42
    Praetorian Regalia: 11:05
    Celestial Aegis: 12:10

  2. Thank you!! really nice to be able to get an idea which armors there are and this way I'll be sure I don't miss a favorite 😀

  3. I'm loving the content man, you're the best for ashen guides. You seriously deserve more subs! I'm recommending you on the subreddit! 👍


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