American Dragon VS American Dragon – Jake Long – (Old vs New)

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32 thoughts on “American Dragon VS American Dragon – Jake Long – (Old vs New)”

  1. Maybe they changed Jake’s design to resemble his grandfather and the other dragons, since there was no other dragon that will built like Jake. Still prefer season one though.

  2. I know that this is an old video but really why did the developers change the design of jake if he look cooler on the old one and really they could have at least make the dragon transformation the same one but not so what the hell

  3. Season 2 had a way better storyline and beside the design for his dragon I thought the designs for season 2 were pretty good

  4. Completely disagree, the reason they changed the art style in the second season is because in the last episode of the first season it was shown that Jake was gonna be a lot more serious in the newer seasons yet to come, and the art style definitely proves that, and it also really shows in Jake's personality in season 2, with him taking his duties as the protector of all magical creatures a lot more seriously, and making him feel less of a hip and cool smack daddy kind of new yorker which felt really forced and cringe worthy in the 1st season, and as for the 2nd season design I feel like it was a lot better than season 1, considering that Jake is half Chinese they changed his design in order to make it feel more culturally accurate, and yet you didn't even bother to give a full on analysis on why you thought the 2nd season's design was bad, all you said was it bland and awful, which really felt so lazy and a poor excuse just to get it off your chest, I'm saying your opinion wrong, I'm just saying you should've put a lot more thought into your opinion of the 2nd design instead of just making it feel contrived out of thin air.

  5. If you think about it even though the 2nd season form is worse it’s more accurate since it’s a Chinese dragon not a European dragon considering his Chinese heritage

  6. I don’t like the season 2 design buttt I understand the change and like the detail. Because his grandpa is a Chinese dragon (long slender body, no wings) jake is also sharing characteristics but also western with wings

  7. Second season has a better, more tolerable story. Though personally I like season 2's design, since he looks a but Asian sooo…why not make him look like an Eastern Dragon? But each to their own, no worries =)


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