For the people who don’t have VIP, this link shows you how to get VIP without Robux!
The 1st code: WalrusPls
When you press the “redeem” button, you will get this very cute Walrus pet!
You cant trade away this pet so it will be in you’re inventory forever ;P
The 2nd code: prismangames
Press the redeem button and you will have a floating knife!!
This pet will stay in your inventory forever as well!
The 3rd code: 3615
Make sure to redeem this code if the door is shut and that nobody has opened it yet in your server.
Enter in the code into the padlock next to the door. *PLEASE NOTE: ONLY 1 PERSON CAN REDEEM THIS CODE PER SERVER*
See you in the next one! Peace
#AssassinCodes #AssassinExoticCode #AssassinKnifeCode


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47 thoughts on “ALL NEW ASSASSIN CODES 2020”

  1. The last code took foreverrr I had to find a server that had not opened the door yet.
    Congratulations! You earned a new subscriber! 🎉🎈🎊🥳

  2. It’s so hard finding a server that doesn’t have it open and if it doesn’t then the things to move around are all moved and it’s hard to figured it out :/


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