All Kirby Star Allies EX Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest

Hey, what’s up y’all, I’m BrambleGaming, and I’m finally back with another boss ranking, this time for the EX Bosses in Kirby Star Allies! Apologies for the numerous delays on this video; lots of things happened that I couldn’t control! Regardless, I hope you enjoy this 5th boss ranking on this channel!

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23 thoughts on “All Kirby Star Allies EX Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest”

  1. Once i saw this I was loving the ex bosses and my favourite ex boss would be the three mage sisters

  2. I honestly feel that the mage sisters are harder than void. You have a chance of surviving one attack if you got hit by void but if you get attacked by the mage sisters, you will get sent into many other attacks. I also beat void on my 2nd try while it took 15 tries to beat the 3 mage sisters.

  3. Yeaah same for Droid Terminal 2.0

    Soul Melter EX was actually easier to me than the original. Maybe cause Marx.. Magolor.. Mage Sisters

    True story! I almost beat the thing solo with the Mage Sisters! But then i died to well.. the Mage Sisturds. Then another playthrough with Magolor. And bam, done.

  4. Void is a great boss, but definitely not the hardest in the series. Star Dream Soul OS will always be hardest in my opinion. Put simply, I have defeated Void around 30 times. With Star Dream Soul OS, I have only defeated it 2 times. The difficulty on that boss is ridiculous, and it will always stick out in my mind as the hardest Kirby boss, or hell, even Nintendo boss battle I have ever beaten.

  5. 8:18 Ultra sword and black holes
    Also most of void's moves are based on older bosses. Dark Mind is the mirrors, the ball of fire is Drawcia? Spikes is miracle matter from crystal shards.

  6. Bramble: did you have trouble with the three mage sisters individually
    Me:no I beat them in like 5 seconds each
    Bramble:wll this shouldent be a problem then!

  7. For some reason i feel like the three mage sisters will be easy because all of the three mage sisters individually i could beat in like 5 seconds so yeah

  8. 1:53
    Bramble: "It seems Whispy Woods will always be cursed to never have a tough boss fight…"
    Me: Laughs in Super Kirby Clash

  9. My List

    Utter Trash:

    Parallel Woods

    Pretty Easy:

    Parallel Twin and Big Kracko


    Parallel Dedede
    Parallel Meta Knight


    Corrupt Hyness
    True Void Termina

    Super Hard:

    Morpho Knight EX
    The Three Mage Sisters

  10. void soul and void are letarly the same boss fight they do not have any difrent movemints and atacks plus you need to complete the heroes in another demensheon mode to fight void and if you got 100 or more friend hearts you are going to unlock the three mage sisters wich make fighting void a total joke and you can even try it and see that am not lying

  11. BrambleGaming: Only regular allies as Dream Allies are super OP.
    Me: *suffers trying to beat Soul Melter EX even with Dream Allies*


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