All Kirby Star Allies Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest

Here’s a project on which I’ve been working on for a while, where I count down the Kirby Star Allies Bosses from Easiest to Hardest, and give my reasons for why they’re either easy or challenging. Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “All Kirby Star Allies Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest”

  1. Apparently a new wave of EX Bosses are coming as DLC to this game; so what do y'all say; should I do an entirely new ranking video dedicated to these harder bosses when they come out?

  2. I was not able to reach true final boss in soul melter EX (which is void) because three mage sisters fought in one fight is very hard!

  3. Title who would win:
    Three sisters who have powers of ice and water,fire and electric
    Or on pink smol boi

  4. Francisca, Flamberge and Zan are like Snatcher (at least what my brother says about him).
    They're easy unless you don't know what you're doing

  5. What about Void? Found on the TRUE hardest difficulty of Ultimate choice, it took me one week to reach that point, and I died a lot once I did, to me, that us the hardest, a different and faster moveset along with some new moves aswell


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