ALIEN VS PREDATOR – HISTORY of Capcom's Greatest Arcade EXCLUSIVE !?

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Today, Top Hat Gaming Man discusses the history of Alien vs Predator, the often overlooked Capcom 1994 Arcade Beat Em Up. Is it the best the company ever delivered in the genre?

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Gameplay Footage Sources
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23 thoughts on “ALIEN VS PREDATOR – HISTORY of Capcom's Greatest Arcade EXCLUSIVE !?”

  1. You completely failed to mention that players also have access to special attack moves using joystick and button combinations similar to a fighting game. It was one of the features that helped elevate AvP above its contemporaries.

    As good as this game was, it comes in second when compared to the second Capcom arcade beat ‘em up based on Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Shadow Over Mystara has more characters, branching pathways, the ability to equip different main weapons, secondary consumable weapons, secret areas, more character specific special attacks, and 4 player co-op. It really is the pinnacle of the 90’s arcade beat ‘me up.

  2. I was 15 when this came out. My brother and Friend all went to the arcade with $20 in quarters and finished it. Good times fond memories of my youth.

  3. To the Top Hat Gaming Man, I enjoyed the video, but with all due respect, there is one detail that you left out about this game. Capcom’s Alien vs. Predator, technically, did come out for gamers to enjoy at home, via the Capcom Home Arcade plug-&-play stick, as it is one of 16 games built into the product. Just some info share.

  4. Hate to be THAT guy but there is another mistake about the 2 governors. Both Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger wer also in Running Man so Predator was not the only film to have 2 future governors in it 😀

  5. Found you because of your streets of rage videos…. After watching and loving those this was the first game I thought of to search for on your channel. It is by far the best beat'Em'up ever created. Period. Man I miss 90s arcades in the local malls….

  6. I love your videos but there are a lot of word you say during the narration that you obviously don't actually say IRL so the pronunciation is sometimes so off. A common one is the word Melee or as you say it: 'ME-LAY' (for hand to hand combat). In the UK it's pronounced: MEH-LAY or in the US it's pronounced: MAY-LAY. Not a diss, but it would be more a comfortable listening experience to hear someone speak words that they actually know how to say, or are used to speaking. Anyway… great videos otherwise.

  7. This game was pure bliss from start to finish. One of my GamePro issues at the time gave this perfect ratings across all categories. My only complaints are a) this game never got a sequel and b) it was never ported to home consoles. Learning earlier plans to port this game to 32x is a major frustration for me as I'm one of the few fools who owned one of these.

  8. They should make a remastered version but make it like Generation Zero with Rpg leveling system ,customizable clothing mask etc.. also like a different types of Xenomorphs, ones that could been facehugged by a dog,cat, or tiger from the local zoo, the story plot could be something along the lines of the Xenomorph egg somehow survived and drifted to earth evolved to a queen and started breeding an army of facehuggers, all hell breaks loose humans grab the guns while a Predator also is on earth he sends out a distress signal to alert the other Yautja to the situation and the send Predators to help stop the Xenomorph invasion on a Ssndbox town city but in mass size I guess the size of the map on Generation Zero

  9. At least you can emulate AvP.

    Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game, you can't even do that. That gem of a brawler is G.O.N.E.

  10. It's also on Capcom's Home Arcade. And besides NECA, there were also miniatures of Linn and Dutch from the game for Prodos Games AvP miniature game.

  11. Such a shame that it never got a port, but maybe that was fr the best since the way Final Fight ended up on the SNES. That Capcom plug and play arcade stick thing is the only way to play it at home now, and its not worth the price tag for 1 game.

  12. I mean, Technically correct in that Predator is not Canon to Alien, however Xenomorphs ARE canon to Predator thanks to Predator 2.


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